A Week Is A Long Time In Football

By Angela Irwin

This time last week, it seemed like everything was going well for Coach Louis Spiridis and player Elly Torre in the world of football. Spiridis was confidently answering questions from fans and the future of women’s football at Heidelberg United, and Torre was doing a fantastic job inspiring her teammates on the ground. However, in a surprising turn of events, fortunes quickly changed after a loss to the lowly positioned club Box Hill.

Following the defeat, coach Louis Spiridis made the decision to depart. The departure has had a ripple effect, as both Elly Torre and Sophie Papalia have also decided to leave the club and join Brunswick Juventus during the mid-transfer season market. The news of their departure has certainly been a blow to the team and its supporters.

This Saturday, Heidelberg United Women’s team will be travelling to CB Smith Reserve to face off against the bottom side, Brunswick Juventus. The match is expected to be a tough test for the Heidelberg warriors, but it may also serve as a turning point for them. The postponed league game from last week could have been a blessing in disguise, providing the team with the much-needed time to regroup and refocus.

The upcoming game against Brunswick Juventus will not only be an opportunity for Heidelberg United to prove themselves, but it will also be a chance for the former teammates to show their worth. The match-ups between Elly Torre, Sophie Papalia, and their former teammates are expected to generate a lot of interest and excitement among the fans. The presence of Torre and Papilia in the opposing team will undoubtedly add an extra layer of intrigue to the match.

Match Details : NPLW
Brunswick Juventus v Heidelberg United
Venue: CB Smith Reserve
Time: 7:30pm
Date: 18/5/20204