Best Wishes To Our Warrior

Few people at Heidelberg United Alexander would dare argue that Helen Tyrikos isn’t one of the toughest Warriors of all. A board member and a massive advocate and supporter of the women’s game, Helen is firm in her convictions, not easily swayed and tenaciously outspoken as need be.

Don’t be mislead by her beaming smile and positive demeanour, she’s also a tenacious fighter, which will serve her well during a current round of chemotherapy. Helen Tyrikos returned to Heldelberg United to oversee the entire women’s program after a successful stint at Football Victoria.

And the club is stronger for having her back. What I adore about Helen is that regardless of any commitments elsewhere, when it’s club business she’ll always deliver true to her word.  She’s just that kind of ‘get-it-done’ club champion. I’m sure I speak on belief of all Warrior friends and family in wishing Helen all the very best through her current round of medical treatments.

Helen is truly one of Warrior Nation’s finest.