Club Sportsman’s Night – Sell Out

Don’t miss out ! Only 10 spots left

It’s turning out to be a special night. Simon Hill (FoxSports) will be hosting the evening at Heidelberg United.

There will be plenty of laughs when 4 club Legends. Gary Cole, James Campbell, Kenny Taylor & Jim O’Reilly take centre stage with funny club anecdotes, some never told before in public.

The main proceedings on the night will be to honour the legends of the past who have played more than 200 games for the club.

The honours role list are

Jeff Olver
Theo Selemidis
Alan Scott
Gary Cole
Pat Bannon
James Campbell
Nick Racovalis
Andy Bozikas
Phil Stubbins
Mike Valentine
Eric Vassiliadis
Jim Kriaris
Kotis Xanthopoulos
Luke Byles
Les Doumbalis

Other former players who will be attending this grand event are
Ian Mackie
Alan Scott
Jamie Paton
John Yzendoorn
John Metaxas

For enquiries ring Nick on 0408 317 148 or send your booking detail to email

Venue: Heidelberg United Club Rooms
Cost: $55.00
Time: 7pm till late
Date: 29th March