photo courtesy of Centre Circle Photography

As the sun set in Kooyong on Sunday afternoon, you asked yourself, “What didn’t Alamein do right today?” Heidelberg United, coming into the game full of confidence was stunned by an early Alamein rampage. Quick goals to Rachel Alonso and Jacynta Galabadaarachchi had the hosts 2-0 up after 20 minutes.

But the Heidelberg girls weren’t going down without a fight. Steph Galea grabbed one back from a wonderful cross by Sidney Allen to make it 2-1, a spark of hope if you will. But Alamein would pull away again, making it 3-1 with a goal that could only be described as fortunate.

It stayed at 3-1 heading into half time. But there was a feeling around the ground. Yes, Alamein were ahead and had been the better side. But you knew the ‘Bergers would come. They always do. And that they did.

After a mere 15 minutes, the girls had regained control of the contest. They looked settled, assured and confident on the ball, ready to make a charge for it. Allen was once again involved in the 57th minute, rounding the Alamein goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri. You saw her get past your immediate thought was “3-2”. But her touch took her onto a tight angle, meaning she could only hit the post.

But it gave Heidelberg a kick, a second wind. Melissa Garcia got involved and met a superb ball from Galea with her head. But she couldn’t finish, heading the ball inches past the post. You felt that if Heidelberg were to have any chance, they needed to take at least one of the two aforementioned chances.

Then, after 15 minutes of tempo football, Alamein scored through Ashleigh Lefevre, effectively killing the contest. With that fourth goal going in, you could sense that any tension from both sides had been alleviated. Alamein knew they had it, Heidelberg knew it was over.

The hosts would go on to score a further two goals through Alonso and Katherine Goff, making it 6-1 as the 90 minutes wound up.

It wasn’t for a lack of effort. The girls, as always, wore the jumper with pride and played with that determined nature we’ve come to expect week in, week out. But on the day, they were simply beaten by a side that could do no wrong. Any chance they had, they took.

It’s always going to be hard when you play sides that are simply on. And that was the case with Alamein and Heidelberg.

It’s a short turnaround for the girls as they get ready to face league leaders Calder United, also beaten at the weekend, next Saturday. But if anything’s for certain, the girls will atone for Sunday’s result. They’re a proud and passionate group that now, have a lot to play for.

Match Details:

Alamein FC 6 (Alonso 14’, 86’, Galabadaarachchi 16’, Pastor 30’, Lefevre 74’, Goff 88’) – 1 Heidelberg United FC (Galea 25’)

Under 19s Result:

Alamein FC 1 – 0 Heidelberg United FC