by George Rahovitsas

During season 2018, Alamein had Heidelberg’s number, winning convincingly on all three meetings whilst holding the ‘Bergers goalless each time.

Fast forward to the 2019 season – one that has witnessed the emergence of a new and more fearsome Heidelberg United outfit – this is a side that is far better prepared to take the game on.
Alamein came running out the gates, capitalising early with a goal after a corner kick. With Alamein gaining the early break and seemingly in control, Heidelberg fought tooth and nail to climb their way back into it.

With a combination of grit and no small measure of skill, the ‘Berger girls gradually gained control of proceedings. Unfortunately, it seemed they were always one pass shy of converting a promising position into a potential effort on goal.

Trailing 1-0 at half time, Heidelberg needed an early goal to bring the game back into balance.

The irrepressibly inspirational Sidney Allen, who’d been enjoying her best game to date, took command of the centre corridor and lifted Heidelberg to a fantastic second half.

Allen was rewarded shortly after the restart, hitting a stunning strike to level the scores, after dazzling her way through what seemed like an army of defenders.

Alamein, as if aware they were being seriously challenged, suddenly lifted their game as their offensive pressure mounted, but behind the trio of Fonua sisters, no one dared threaten to kill the momentum that Heidelberg had built.

Withstanding the attacks, Garcia had fashioned an opening in a dashing counter-attack, having gained possession near the midway line. Skating past her marker, Garcia bounded goalward, whereby she slotted the ball through the keeper’s legs to put the Bergers ahead for the first time.

With a flurry of panicked attacks, Alamein tried to claw its way back from the defeat staring it in the eyes, but the ‘Berger girls held strong. This was a statement game by the girls, one that will have now put the league on notice.

With three wins in a row now banked, the ‘Bergers will be confident of making it four on the trot this coming Wednesday night (March 20) against struggling Southern United.

Match Details:

Heidelberg United FC 2 (Allen 52’, Garcia 72’) – 1 Alamein FC (Schneider 4’)