Heidelberg United Honours 200 Game Champions

Last Friday night Heidelberg United honoured its 200 game champions past and present with a plaque to commemorate their 200 game achievement & with life membership to the club.

The players that were inducted are

Gary Cole

Theo Selemidis

Jim Kriaris

Alan Scott

Gary Cole

Pat Bannon

Nick Racovalis

James Campbell

Andy Bozikas

Phil Stubbins

Kotis Xanthopoulos

Les Doumbalis

Luke Byles

Mike Valentine

Eric Vassiliadis

The club would also like to make a special mention to Ken Taylor, Jim O’Reilly, John Dimtsis & John Kourevellis for their support and contributions on the evening.

The club will also be soon announcing another sportsman’s night to honour players who played more than 100 games for Heidelberg United