Don’t ever write the Women Warriors off.

After a couple of heavy defeats and a Cup reprieve, a dominant 5-0 win for the girls capped off a magnificent weekend for the Heidelberg United Women’s team that was being questioned.

Goals to Brydie Siryj, Sidney Allen, Steph Galea, Melissa Garcia and an own goal from Senior NTC captain Claudia Mihocic made for an emphatic final result.

It was a complete 90 minute performance from the girls, who needed to make a statement against a side that, in truth, has given them no small amount of difficulty in the past.

After dominating possession and having just a 1-0 lead to show for it at half time, there was still a sense that the game was still in the balance, that something was afoot.

Fortunately, that something was a tidal wave of Warriors streaming down the field, sweeping aside any hint of a comeback from the visitors.

In Elly Torre’s 100th club game, the girls stood strong and ensured there would be reason to celebrate. It was perhaps their most clinical performance of the season. It came at a perfect time as well.

The Warriors now sit a game clear of the 5th placed South Melbourne, with a top four finish a real chance.

Had you set that around this time last season, it’s fair to say many wouldn’t have believed you.

Their next encounter comes against another team on the rise up the ladder. Box Hill have been a staunch rival over the years and troublesome in recent times, most recently handing the ‘Bergers a 1-0 home loss in Round 8.

But the ‘Berger girls will be up for the challenge. They always are.


Match Details:

Heidelberg United FC 5 (Siryj 3’, Allen 54’, Galea 64’, Mihocic (own goal) 72’, Garcia 90 + 2’) – 0 Senior NTC

Under 19s Result:

Heidelberg United FC 0 – 7 Young NTC