Match Preview In Numbers

by Greg Blake

As Heidelberg prepares to take on Altona Magic in the upcoming home game on Sunday, the team is setting new records and milestones in their history at Olympic Village. Looking back at the numbers, it’s clear that this season has been one of the best starts for Heidelberg in their history at the stadium.

In the 2024 season, Heidelberg has achieved their new best season start, surpassing their previous record from 1996. With a record of 10-5-0 in 15 games (13 league and 2 cup games), the team has shown remarkable performance with a 42/11 for and against record.

Furthermore, Heidelberg has also achieved their best undefeated home streak at Olympic Village. With an impressive 17-game undefeated run at home (including a draw at John Cain Reserve), the team has demonstrated their dominance on their home turf.

This unbeaten run has also set a new record for the longest time undefeated at the stadium, standing at 1 year and 28 days. It’s a testament to the team’s consistency and strength in front of their home crowd.

Looking at the overall undefeated streak since 1982, Heidelberg’s longest undefeated run stands at 16 games, achieved between the Dockerty/Australia Cup 4th round game and round 16 of the 2015 season. As the team gears up to face Altona Magic, a win or draw would see them equaling this impressive 16-game streak.

As the team continues to make history and set new records, the upcoming game against Altona Magic holds the potential to further solidify their place in the club’s storied history. With the support of their fans at Olympic Village, Heidelberg aims to continue their remarkable run and add another chapter to their legacy at the historic stadium.