NST Update

As a Foundation Member of the National Soccer League since 1977, Heidelberg United Football Club (HUFC) has consistently advocated for a robust and inclusive National Competition. We enthusiastically welcome Football Australia’s recent announcement of a 2nd Tier Competition scheduled to commence in 2025. In addition, we extend heartfelt congratulations to the eight selected clubs for their inclusion in this exciting venture.

From the inception of discussions surrounding the establishment of a National 2nd Tier competition, HUFC has played a pivotal role. Alongside a group of like-minded clubs, we facilitated collaboration among key stakeholders to define the parameters of such a competition.

While we initially submitted an expression of interest, along with 28 other clubs, with the intention of finalising our Request for Proposal (RFP), concerns arose during this phase. Specifically, we identified issues with some of the participation requirements that remain unaddressed. Consequently, the Club had made the decision not to proceed with finalising our RFP at this point in time.

We welcome the ongoing discussions with Football Australia and sincerely hope that our concerns and those of a few other clubs are considered in the coming months. We maintain a strong belief that Heidelberg United Football Club deserves a place in a National 2nd Tier Competition, and we are committed to working collaboratively towards a positive outcome for our inclusion always considering the financial viability of the Club as a priority.