Popular Coach Set to Step Down

Heidelberg United FC Under 20s coach Alex Gymnopoulos is set to depart from his role at the club effective immediately. Affectionately known in football circles as “The Rat”, Gymnopoulos has cited personal reasons as he steps away from the position he has held at the club since 2017.

Gymnopoulos is a popular character at Heidelberg United, and has a long association with the club – he was a youth player for the ‘Bergers in the mid-late 1980s in the old NSL competition, before embarking on a playing and later coaching role at Northcote City FC.

Respected as a developer of youth squad players and with a keen eye in spotting talented youngsters, Gymnopoulos returned to Heidelberg in 2017 as coach of the Under 20s squad in the Victorian NPL competition. He has unearthed and nurtured several young prospects who have promising futures in senior football ranks.

The entire family of Heidelberg United FC is grateful and thanks Alex for all his contributions to the club, and extends it warmest wishes to “The Rat” in his future endeavours.