Record Breaking Night Carries Heidelberg To Top 3

by George Rahovitsas

It was a night in which many NPLW club records were broken. Broken might be too light in fact, obliterated is a better description.

Coming up against a lowly Southern United side, the girls were looking to make it 4 wins in a row for the first time in NPLW history and did not disappoint.

The women tore the goals wide open, bagging a record breaking 12 goals.

It was a warm night and the girls needed to ensure they wouldn’t slip up against a Southern side that’s struggling to make a mark in the league.

The girls opened their goal scoring account behind none other than the little maestro that is Sidney Allen.

Her illustrious goal sparked a never ending attack on the Southern goals.

Steph Galea and Rebecca Saber produced their first goals for the season on the back of a brilliantly placed header and powerful strike respectively.

It was 4-0 as the clock was winding down to signal halftime. A reprieve for the Southern side.

That didn’t stop Sidney Allen for mercilessly continuing to bombard the goals with a long range pearler that made it number five to end the half.

With a comfortable lead and the game completely in their control, the girls had every right to ease their way through the game.

But they didn’t, the pressure didn’t cede and they looked to completely demoralise their opponent.

Sidney Allen slotted her first hatrick of the season, which would shortly after become a double hatrick.

She was the first player to do so in club history in the NPLW.

Melissa Garcia carried on her absurd goal scoring form, also punishing Southern with a double hatrick of her own.

Allen and Garcia had become the first duo in club history to do so.

Danielle Gallucio had powered her way to her first goal of the season as well.

The bench even got involved, with scoring wizard Emma Langley hunting the ball off a back pass in the dying minutes of the game to produce her second goal of the season.

It was that exact play that really epitomised what the girls came out and did.

No matter the score line, no matter how far in, no matter the opponent; the girls were going to put in 100% and ensure they never waver.

It was an unbelievable spectacle and despite the goal scoring mastery it was the whole team game that stood out and made Heidelberg shine.

With the final scores ending in 12-0 victory the girls rocketed their aggregate up.

The win sent them to third on the ladder and preparing for a battle of the giants against table leader Calder.