Training will commence at Olympic Park the week beginning 15 June 2020

Even though we are still working with Council to get access to the facilities at Olympic Park we are confident we will receive this shortly. Some work still has to be done between approval and first training date, including a deep clean of the facility and implementation of the policies and procedures we have been working on.

We are aware that four smaller clubs have already received approval to return to training in the City of Banyule. Our biggest issue as a club with 18 teams in an NPL program that require more than one training session a week, has been ground allocations. Pitch 3, that we could normally have 4-6 teams training at once can now only have two teams training at once as per City of Banyule’s requirements even though we could easily fit four 45m x 45m training grids on the space. We also have to allow 15 minutes between the completion of one training session and the beginning of another. We have not been able to convince the Council to allow us to train four teams at a time on Pitch 3 or find suitable alternative facilities.

Furthermore, Heidelberg United FC is taking its responsibility to ensure a safe training environment seriously and is taking the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safe return. Every club has their own compliance, logistic and liability concerns and we will not rush through this important process.

In the meantime, we ask that players continue to do as much as they can from home to maintain their fitness and explore the number of online resources available to train with.


Heidelberg United FC Board