For the ‘Bergers in 2019, this season is gradually building towards what we’ve been accustomed to from the championship side.

The lofty heights have been set, so a rocky start to the campaign has come as a bit of a shock.

Following a big win over Melbourne Knights, the offer of back-to-back victories would certainly be taken at this early stage as a confidence booster to compete with main rivals at the top of the table.

It’s an extensive ‘Bergers injury list already, which would normally be a scenario in July. Depth has been put to the test but could be a silver lining to develop some robust coverage when the season gets deeper.

The ‘Bergers had it all to do, especially with a real hurdle presented itself by Hume City’s early lead.

In true ‘Bergers spirit, they didn’t drop their heads. A pressure-reliving equaliser by Tom Cahill from the spot set up a second half with everything to play for.

Hume have been a bogey side for the ‘Bergers over the last couple of years, but history was not going to repeat itself.

Instead it’s the first ‘Bergers comeback triumph of the season as Alex Schiavo’s clinical strike made the final difference.

Hume made their desperate attempts but Heidelberg stayed diligent and got the job done by holding on to a 2-1 advantage.

With key players missing due to injury, wins like this will go a long way in the title race.

George Katsakis was proud of the effort given the tricky circumstances.

“It’s starting to come together for us now and it’s mainly encouraging to see the boys backing each other right until the final whistle,” he said.

“With a number of our players missing, credit goes to this group we’ve got who provide depth and fill in when called upon.”

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