Vale John Dimtsis

The Heidelberg United Football Club was deeply saddened by the news that former Club President, John Dimtsis passed away last night after a long battle with illness.   

John became President of HUFC in 2013.  An important juncture in the history of the Club as it was trying to gain promotion from State League 1 back to the Premier League at the same time that the inaugural NPL competition was about to commence in the following season. He realised the important role that promotion would have in Heidelberg being included in the inaugural competition in 2014. 

However, John’s contribution to the Alexander Soccer Club (HUFC) and to football in general dates back to the late 1960’s. 

He quickly established himself as a valued member of the Clubs Board, serving as its Treasurer for a number of years.  

It was not long however before his skills were noticed by the Victorian Soccer Federation (VSF) and he joined their Board in 1972 and became its treasurer in 1973, while still retaining his role as treasurer of Fitzroy United Alexander. 

In 1980, he succeeded Theo Marmaras as President of the VSF and held the position until 1991.

In that time he responded to criticism that the VSF was too Melbourne-centred and among other initiatives commenced ‘state of origin’ matches between Sunraysia and the equivalent region in South Australia. 

He, along with Vito Cilauro and George Wallace, introduced the restructured top tier, the Victorian Premier League in 1991. 

While retaining his role as President of the VSF he became Treasurer of the Australian Soccer Federation (ASF) and Deputy Chairman under John Constantine following the implementation of the Bradley Report. 

At the ASF he had responsibility for referees, juniors, indoor soccer and women. 

He helped negotiate the merger between the men’s and women’s organisations and the latter’s entry into Olympic competition. 

Earlier at the VSF he had presided over the World Indoor Cup tournament held in Melbourne in 1988 when futsal was under the control of the Federation International de Football de Salon (FIFUSA). 

He was acting chairman of the ASF briefly in 1995 following the departure of Constantine and before David Hill took over.  

After five years following his period at the ASF John returned home to his beloved Heidelberg United as he felt he still had something to offer.  That he certainly did. 

In 2016, John was made an Honorary Life Member of HUFC.  

In 2017 and in recognition of his lifetime contribution to Victorian Football, he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2017. 

John was a much valued member and contributor of our Club.  His contribution will never be forgotten.  Up until his final days John’s thoughts were often with his beloved Club wanting to know ‘how things were going’. 

Our sincere condolences to John’s family at this time. 

He will be sadly missed but never forgotten. 

May you Rest in Peace JD.